In fields which needs expertise and experience (spa therapy, hotel animation, cook, tourist guide, professional dancer) you need to choose your employees carefully. We are helping you for finding and recruiting and bringing your foreigner workers to your country. And help their orientation process here.

Choosing right employee for expertise and for right field is always hard. After finding the employee, the process of bringing employee to turkey and taking work permits are really difficult issues for enterprises. We carry out this process very easy.

Balinese, Thai, Philippines and Indian massage therapists

Hotels and Hospitality Enterprises:
Foreign Employees for hospitality enterprises who brings the pleasure and increase the satisfaction level of customers.

Travel Agencies:
For satisfying the needs of travel agencies, we provide tour operators, guides and transfer men

Professional Dancer and Animation Team Supply
Animation teams from different countries  and professional dancers (russian revus, samba dancers from Brazil) are provided

Food and Beverage Enterprises
Cooks from different nations to create an international  cuisine and international taste for your customers.

Home Services and Au Pair Supply
Au pairs, home cleaners and maids for your service