Work and social security ministry decides about the work permits according to improvements in the market, condition about the economy and sectoral factors, structure of the labor market etc. Its not enough to apply just with the papers needed. Ministry takes into consideration lots of details and criteria while deciding. For this reason, you better see us for more information.

There are almost 30 criterias on decision. Some of them

  • Need of foreigner workers according to Sectoral and economical conditions
  • If a Turkish citizen can do the same job or if he can be found in 4 weeks.
  • If its suitable to recruit a foreigner in the field mentioned.
  • Profession of Foreigner. If the profession is accepted in Turkish Labor law
  • The success of the foreigner worker in his/her professional life.
  • The compliance of the documents which asked from the worker.
  • If there are reasons to reject the application in legislation